ISTQB Certification Road Map

As I was looking into Test Driven Design (TDD) and software testing, eventually you will going to encounter ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) certification. While some may argue that having certification is meaningless (I do agree, some were created just to make money), I'm more interested to find out the body of knowledge have been covered for software testing itself. This was inspired by something similar, the SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge).

Based on the official road map stated, there are basically three categories of certification paths of Agile, Core, and Specialist. All three paths must originates from the Foundation Level. The Core certification path, by default is the conventional path to be taken as shown below (screenshot taken from ISTQB site). To finish the whole Core path, you will need to finish 6 exams, which I think is going to take quite a well.

However, for local Malaysian who are interested in pursuing this path, the local chapter, represented by the Malaysia Software Testing Qualification Board (MSTB) only have two ISTQB Certifications which are Foundation Level and Advanced Level (Test Manager). I suspect that the local software industry does not justify for any other ISTQB certifications beside these two.

Looking into other certification path, the Specialist path is indeed interesting. I'm wondering what does a tester going to test in a gambling industry? The slot machine or the online gambling which I think related to the Web?

Stay tuned. More about ISTQB in coming weeks.

This Week I Learned - 2017 Week 32

Last week post or something from the old TWIL archive.

Everything should be back on track this week after the "nature appreciation week". Lots of pending items to be checked off. Luckily, a few long delay items have been cleared off. As they said, one thing at a time. If you can't do it today, continue tomorrow but do not postpone for more than two days. Keep the streak going!

I've been quite effective in applying Scrum or Kanban at my workplace. Sadly, I can't say the same about my personal projects. What if I can obtain the same efficiency at my own stuff? Surely I will be surprised by the results. Lately, I have been thinking about what are the effective ways to get the best of each day, either at workplace and home. Discipline is definitely a must, of course with effective system. Another approach is to focus on overlapping what you done at work and your own personal projects. Focus on the important stuff, one thing at a time. Throw it the work life balance as well. Sometimes you just need to walk away from anything and just to unwind and recharge.

Invest in your own learning. Julia Evans shared her thought on this matter on keeping learning outside working hours. Learn and read something new but relevant to your work. That's it. However, it's best to set a time after work, for example, half an hour and learn or work on something new. This may sound easy but it's quite hard to do it in a constant manner. Consistency is always hard. Self-discipline is always hard.

What would you do if programming is made illegal overnight? Be a problem solver. Or do something else other than development works. There are millions of problems that need to be solved and and you can leverage your programming or IT knowledge one way or another. During the nature appreciation week, I've thought and discussed about this with my younger peers during the whole trip. Unfortunately, we are still caught into the tribalistic pressure or social conditioning in the name of team work or company culture. Someone told me before when I was starting out as a programmer, pick your battles, not everything is worth fighting for. These battles here refers to the things you want to do in your life, your bucket list, or something meaningful. And off course, at the same time, without starving yourself.

The morning paper and the Arxiv Sanity Preserver. I love reading research papers, even though most of the time I can't really understand most of it, especially those not within my domain of expertise. But the morning paper site makes everything fun and bearable. Beware, energy, attention, focus, and time are scarce, use it properly on things that matter to you. That's why social media are big time waster unless you're working in the digital content industry.

Ligne claire. French of clear line, the art style used by many illustrator, especially Moebius. Most recent illustrator who follows such style is Josan Gonzalez.

Money has a way of being the perfect "excuse" for vicious people to expose their viciousness. Interesting digression from the forum discussion which turned dark half-way.

Git bisect, the proper workflow. Didn't realize such things exists and probably won't bother to pick it up.