Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180309 : CT Red (M) x HMPK Marble (S)

The only Crown Tail (CT) in our collection. CT was notorious known hard to breed and keep as it's the thin fin can easily snap or keep in place. We decided to breed this to learn more about CT in general.

Male: CT Red
Size: Medium
Age: 6+ months
Temperaments: Cowardice but aggressive.
Size: Medium (3cm body only)
Grade: C

More cowardly compare to other Betta male. Ironically at the same time, quite aggressive when seeing other male Betta and kept flaring non-stop. Not sure if this was a common behaviour for CT as this make is the only CT we have.

Female: HMPK Koi
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Aggressive
Size: Small (2.5 cm body only)
Grade: C

The most colourful (when comes to bright colour) female Betta we have. Noted the damaged fins after the breeding process. Depends on the male, sometimes the mating can be quite ugly and nasty.

Log Notes
Mating was a painful process for the pair. Similar to HM, the male CT have to go through numerous times of trial and error to correctly mount the female. This was complicated when the aquarium tank was infected with Brown Algae (harmless through) but aesthetically less appealing (dirty like dirt). Furthermore, there was a quite a large lump under the anus part (the organ where a fish get rid of digested food). We're not sure exact cause for the lump but suspected it may due to mating and dirty water condition.

Cleaned up the aquarium and replaced 10% of the water. The lump we saw yesterday was gone and we finally saw some eggs in the bubble nest. The male Betta was swimming and eating as usual.

Saw some fry free swimming around the tank. The number was small but luckily the eggs managed to hatch. SO fed a little bit of BBS and hopefully those fry will find it and eat it. Since the tank was full of Brown Algae, most likely there are some Infosuria around? But I doubt so, the survival rate of this spawn is quite low due to water quality and infected male Betta. We will wait and let nature takes its course. Screenshot below shown one of the hatched fry.

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