Betta Spawn Log : BSL20180310 : HM Tri-band (M) x HMPK Marble (S)

The male HM Tri-band is the most expensive Betta we've purchased. Originally from Thailand, we've heard that certain purchased Betta fishes from there cannot be used for breeding. Some local breeder concluded that these fishes may have been sterilized to make them infertile before shipping to oversea customers. Or it may due to X-Ray in the airport that cause infertility. I'm not sure how true is this. Therefore, we've decided to give it a try.

Male: HM Tri-band
Age: 6+ months
Temperaments: Petite, gentle, and clumsy.
Size: Medium (3cm body only)
Grade: B

I'm personally not a fan of HM, especially small size HM. It's quite painful to watch it swims around as the long fins was holding it back and the fish was struggling. It's like walking while dragging a long wet cloth. While the colour was pretty, the fish movement was quite clumsy. Yes, also the fins rot issue (see photos below), which was partly our fault.

Female : HMPK Marble
Age: 3+ months
Temperaments: Normal.
Size: Small (2.5 cm body only)
Grade: C

Probably the ugliest female Betta in our collection. Grayish white but good body shape and fins. We must be crazy to mate a Triband with a colourless rejected female Betta. What the heck!

Log Notes
Mating was long and slow. It seemed both were struggling to mount with each other. This was going on for several hours and we can't seem to see any eggs. We decided to leave both fishes alone as we're not sure both will mate successfully. Few hours later, we checked again and noticed there were some eggs but the tank was infected with Green Algae and we can't see anything. One way to tell was the female Betta was hiding in the aquarium plant and sometimes the male Betta will chased it away. We quickly removed the female Betta from the breeding tank into a quarantine tank. This was one instance where the female Betta left the breeding tank without any damaged fins.

The fry have hatched and we can see quite a number were swimming vertically. Not a big spawn, guestimation was around maybe 30-plus fry. Most of these fry were swimming at the four edges of the aquarium.

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