Reinstall Ubuntu and Update All Packages.

As far as I remember, every major Ubuntu upgrades will fail me in one way or another. This time I accidentally switched off the lappy while upgrading, causing corruption to the filesystem and making it unmountable. Luckily, rescue mode help me to backup all the files before a reinstallation.

Bootable USB live thumb drive.
Since my lappy has no CDROM, I will need to download the ISO and burn it to a thumb drive. Creating a bootable USB thumb drive is done through Unetbootin.

Apt-get Mirror Servers.
It seems that our local Ubuntu update servers are slower compare to our neighbour country, Singapore. On average, I can get 50 - 60 kB/s from .SG server where .MY server only gave me downloading speed of 20 - 30 kB/s. Why ? I have no idea what so ever. Can someone enlighten me on this?

To change the update servers,
$ sudo -s
$ cd /etc/apt
$ sed -i.orig 's/my/sg/' sources.list

Some explanation on the sed command. It basically tell sed
  • to modify the sources.list in place (save in the same file)
  • make backup of the original file with .orig sufffix.
  • substitute my with sg
Further reading on the sed command.

Then we continue with the update and upgrade.
$ apt-get update; apt-get -y upgrade

More steps ahead.

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