LPTHW - Day 07 Comments And Pound Characters

There is no day 6, my house was "attacked" by apples, oranges, and pear.

Doing the second exercise in LPTHY book. I learned that the symbol # can be named differently depending on where or who you are. And from where I came from, according to Wikipedia, we called it hex? Seriously, I think is hash instead.

Just remember, to American and some Canadian, is pound and to everyone else, is hash. But in the book, Zed uses the name octothorpe, which is commonly used in Bell Lab's telephone system. By the way, you pronounce it as "ok-tuh-thawrp"

In the extra credit section, we were asked "review each line going backwards". Why backwards? As we normally don't read backward, it will slows you down and help you to focus and catch mistakes.

Also, we were asked to "read what you typed above out loud, including saying each character by its name.". By doing so, you can easily catch mistakes and reinforce what you've coded. To make this even more fun, why not ask someone else to read for you? Let's get our good old espeak.
$ sudo apt-get install espeak
$ espeak -f ex2.py

If you notice, learning a new programming language is like learning to read and write a foreign language. All the foreign language learning techniques can be applied here as well.

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