LPTHW - Day 01 Picking Python as New Learning Programming Language

If you have been reading the book "The Pragmatic Programmer", both authors suggested that as a programmer who wants to expand their knowledge, you should "learn at least one new language every year". I will give it another shot by trying to really settle down and learn a new programming language this year. No more lame excuses.

So which language? Python. Why Python? Because it's not PHP. Why not Ruby? Because P > R ! Joke aside, either one is okay.

I will start with Zed Shaw's "Learn Python the Hard Way" as well as "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!" to get the fundamental right. Later, hopefully will try to create something non-web based from it to further my understanding of the language and the ecosystem.

Many years ago, Peter Norvig wrote that you need ten years to master a programming language. Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliner further support this claim by narrowing it down to 10,000 hours for anyone to become a expert in any field. How long it going to take me to become a Python expert ? 54-plus years. Yes, fricking 54-plus years if I spend half an hour a day to practice and using it everyday. Pretty damn long right?

But wait. Who is a Python expert? How do you define a person who is an expert in Python? And the most important question is, does it really matters ? No. Why not just enjoy the learning process and have fun creating, exploring, and experimenting. Make lots of mistake and fails miserably. No one is going give a damn whether you're an expert or not.

By the way, happy new year.

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