Diets Don't Work

Something interesting I read during lunch hour today. Book author, Bob Schwartz, in his book, Diets Don't Work,  proposes four simple rules to stay naturally thin.

1. Eat only when hungry.
Don't eat when you're emotional (bored, sad, happy, and etc.) Eat when you're feeling hungry. You will know when your stomach starts to growl. But instead, we eat (mostly junk food) when we are doing some other activities (movies, web surfing, or chit-chatting). Have your ever notice we sometimes have the urge to chew on something even though we're not hungry ?

2. Eat exactly what your body wants.
If you're craving for certain food, go take it but do not take this rule literally. This does not means we can eat fast food or soft drink for every meal. See rule 4.

3. Eat each bite consciously.
Be mindful, deliberately focus on the eating. Be aware of the food that goes into your mouth, the smell, colours, texture, or taste. Stop any other activities. No computer, television, or conversation with other people. Can you remember your last meal ? Can you describe it (the taste, colour, texture) ? What are the ingredients ? If you can't remember, then you're not paying attention.

4. Stop when your body has had enough.  
Moderation is the key here. Follow rule 3 and stop when you're satisfied. If you are worry about wasting food, take a smaller portion, like half cup of cooked rice.

In summary, the general rule is be conscious of what you put into your mouth and learn to enjoy your food. By the way, these rules are applicable to money as well.

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