It was one of that fscking day

It was one of that fscking day. The dreadful day where we programmer hate it the most, the day you were completely stuck, and can't seem to fix the bug. You tried suspending the script at different breakpoints, and no, not working. Frustrated, went for a walk, ate an ice-cream, read a book, and fixed some other bugs just to clear the head. Tried again, different approach, but still, nothing bloody works.

"Just one more try"

You told yourself before you start packing and left for home. Your last attempt, no more. Your mind already set to write down the next morning to do item in your journal. Suddenly, you noticed there this this line of code,

$new_name = "a" . $name;

"Why you want to prepend the letter a ?"
"Let's remove that and try again."

Whoala! After enduring frustration for the whole day and 1 hour 56 minutes spent working on it, the bug was finally fixed ! Bloody hell ! This is fscking stupid ! What was I thinking? Come to think of it, is Karma. After I caused my boss to fix my stupid "new feature" yesterday.

Yes, it was one of that fscking day.

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