Redis : New Member to the Server Stack

Interesting article on the size and the technologies behind big porn sites. While some may not agree, porn industry do accelerate Internet advancement. To best of my knowledge, how I visualize the software stacks behind these sites.
[browser] --- [cdn | memcached] --- [haproxy | varnish] --- [nginx] --- [redis]

It seems that Redis, the key-valued storage engine has slowly replaces MySQL as the de facto primary data storage engine. Contrast to what the article said, Redis was not used to store and serve videos. Instead, it should be used for storing metadata. Which is consistency with the typical use cases for Redis.

One of the server stack you should look into in 2013. What's the next step ? Let's get it install in Ubuntu 12.10.
$ sudo apt-get install redis-server
$ redis-cli

For further reading, I will recommend you to read Ken Nejima's thought on Redis. Note that the article was written in 2010 but it is the best writing on Redis I read so far.

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