Resolutions for Programmer - Part 2

Follow up on yesterday post on Matthew Might's 12 resolutions for programmer. Continue with item 7 - 12.

7. Focus on security.
Imagine you've lost your laptop. What are your contingency plan? For a start, certain passwords are stored using a password manager, I am using pass, a command line password manager. Second, use two steps authentication and verification for any web applications that support it, example is Gmail. Third, clear your browser cache and history and use Incognito mode when necessary. Slowly switch to key-based SSH login when necessary, I need to start doing this.

8. Back up your data.
DVD disc is plan A. External hard disc is plan B. Cloud storage is plan C. Is time to start clean up all these stuff and slowly move everything to cloud storage. Still thinking which cloud storage provider to use. I don't mind paying. Full list of comparison of different cloud storage.

9. Learn more theory.
Definitely algorithm and data structure. I believe SICP book with cover the fundamental part.

10. Engage the arts and humanities.
Typography and book design. Increase my understanding and appreciation of good book design. These should be a good start.

11. Learn new software.
Write some custome Gimp plugins to put my newly-learned Python knowledge to good use. Always wanted to do this. Also can learn some Scheme along the way as well.

12. Complete a personal project.
I was hoping one small project for each month. Maybe a small PHP or Python library.

In summary, dump all your ideas out and try to implement them and have fun.

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