You're Your Code?

Via Hacker News. Excellent career advice for young people, applicable for middle age software developer as well. Some thoughts on the article related to a career as a developer.

You're your job or you're are your code. After prolonged exposure to a certain programming language or development environment and tools, it will slowly dictate your  your taste, opinions, and personality. Hence, most developers turned out to be quite opinionated, egoistic, and so full of themselves. Examples are editor choices, coding style, and programming languages.

Look at the career path of developer older than you. Do met a few older developer or used to be a developer. Either they start their own companies, promoted to project manager or software architect, or totally switch their career fields. Not a favourable future for those who still enjoy coding on day-to-day basis. Although they may work on mundane CRUD application or what I always love to name it, a glorify Excel sheet.

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