Shopping List for Raspberry Pi

Decide what you want to do with this machine. Is this a media player, cluster computing, hardware hacking, or just another toy ? Then only you proceed with the purchase.

1. Raspberry Pi, Model B, 512MB RAM, MYR 111.00
Required. You can get this from both RS Component or Element 14. I prefer to shop from Element 14, better service and order page.

2. Scandisk SD Card Class 4 4GB, MYR 16.00
Required. If you want to setup a torrent client, get the 32GB version. If you want to test out different images (e.g. Openelec or XMBC) but lazy to reburn images or setup cluster computing, buy a few 4GB.

3. Power Adapter, MYR 19 - 50
Required. Be extra careful with selecting power adapter. I bought a brand-less traveller charges which can't seems to power up the Pi (there are no lights). Either you use your own smart phone charges or get the Vztec power adapter.

4. Keyboard, MYR 15.00 - 100.00
Required. We need to type and setup the machine, especially the SSH and VNC so that later we can connect remotely from our laptop.

5. Multicomp MC-RP001-CLR Clear Case, MYR 28.70
Optional. Is better to get a enclosure to protect the board. Furthermore, is kinda of scary to touch the board while plugging the power adapter. I didn't get one though and will definitely buy one.

6. HDMI-to-DVI adapter, MYR 29.00
Optional. If you have an existing LCD/LED monitor with DVI output. Get this cable.

7. HDMI-to-VGA adapter, MYR 40 - 100
Optional. Own a monitor with only VGA output? Expect to pay more for an HDMI-to-VGA adapter. Due to limitation of digital to analog conversion, you can't just do a HDMI-DVI-VGA conversion, unless you buy a special designed HDMI-to-VGA adapter for Pi from Adafruit , Element 14, or Neewer.

Note that I am still looking for a cheaper way to get this to work.

8. HDMI cable, MYR 20 - 50
Optional. If you own a LCD/LED tv, you can simply use the default HDMI cable.

9. TP-LINK TP-725N / EDIMAX EW-7811Un, MYR 26.00 - 33.00
Optional. Both work out of the box. For TP-725N, you will need to upgrade the Linux Kernel to version 3.6.x.

10. HP 19”W1972A (LED VGA/DVI), MYR 235.00 
Optional. Unless you've a LCD/LED tv, otherwise you will still need a display. Monitor that support HDMI connection are expensive and the preferable choice is to get an monitor that support DVI connection and use a HDMI-to-DVI adapter.

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