Finally, 10,000 Steps!

Precisely, I have walked 12,146 steps today. That translates to 9.4KM or 535kcal or 34.2g. Took me several months to reach this goal. Is nice to look at that cheering symbol \o/ displayed on my pedometer. First 6,000 steps started during my midnight walk (bad idea, I was down with flu). The subsequence 6,000 steps was from doing housework and my walk to take my dinner. A big improvement over my average 5,000 to 7,000 per day.

Three things help me to reach this goal.

1. Pedometer, a step counter device. The device gave me an idea of pathetic daily walking steps. Results obtained are used to create the baseline or what adjustment needed to reach 10,000 steps.

2. Blood test. You need to be very concern when certain measurement have reached borderline figures.

3. Great walking shoes. Major motivator. My feet never felt so comfortable and pamper. What was I wearing all my life ? Save money and get yourself good pair of walking shoes, your feet deserved it. Also, a good pair of socks as well.

What's my next steps ? Try to walk 10,000 steps daily and also getting a better measuring devices. Still pondering between Fitbit Flex, Nike+ Fuel, and Jawbone Up.

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