PayPal Payment Status Stuck in Pending Due to Unilateral

Took me fricking 4 hours of repeating trial and error and finally found the cause on why PayPal keep keep giving me result of
payment_status: Pending
pending_reason : unilateral

Until I read the actual documentation (note to self: pay attention and read the damn documentation) on the meaning of unilateral:

The payment is pending because it was made to an email address that is not yet registered or confirmed.

Then it occurred to that I have just created the new merchant account and
the email address is not confirmed yet. Once I confirmed it (see screenshot), the payment status changed to
payment_status: Completed
pending_reason (this field was not returned)

This frustrated me a lot since I remembered I solved the same damn issue few months ago. Damn frustrating.

Still remember the new PayPal developer portal mentioned few days ago? Basically is just old wine in new bottle, the interface was simplified but the experience of handling the sandbox still as frustrating and confusing.

When will Stripe or Paymill (clone of Stripe) will ever come to Southeast Asia? Why can't we (developers) have a simple, stable, and secure payment gateway?

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