Solve The Right Problem

"It took me almost 20 years of hardcore programming to realize it wasn't the programming that was interesting to me. I didn't give a whit about new languages and frameworks and new design patterns. What I cared about was the creation of something from nothing. What I cared about was the ability to conceptualize and immediately materialize: ideas leading to moving digits on a keyboard leading to product."

"Starting my own company, releasing my own software, interacting with my own users and reveling in their praises or reeling back from their complaints: that's software brought to life and that's what keeps me going."

-- saddino, emphasis mine
Assuring comments from an average age of 40+ years old programmers on continue your career as a developer even after you've reach 40+. Pick and solve the right problem. My priority right now is to fix myself. Stay healthy and keep your mind alert and body in shape. Aware of your thought and action, make the right decision.

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