Survive on $16k/year in Malaysia ?

Clean up my bookmarks, found this old link via Slashdot on a foreigner claimed to be a programmer managed to survive on $16k/year (not including his travel) budget living in Malaysia.

USD 16k which roughly equivalent to MYR 48,560, according to today rate or USD 1 = MYR 3. Assuming that he works 5 days per week, or 25 days per month, or 300 days per year, and 8 hours per day. If we break this figure down,

In USD, 16k/year, 1.3k/month, 53.4/day, 6.7/hour
In MYR, 48k/year, 4.0k/month, 162/day, 20.3/hour

He is considered very well off being single with no dependencies and a monthly salary of USD1,300 / MYR 4,000. He can live comfortably with the remaining cash of USD 500/ MYR 1,600 after deducting his house rental (3 bedrooms where he can rent out the other two rooms) of USD 800/MYR 2,400.

Initially I thought the guy manage to survive by MYR 16k/year, but after further reading, I believes is USD 16k/year. Which make me think, it is possible for a person (single with no dependencies) survive in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Johore Bahru, with a yearly net pay of MYR16k / USD 5.3k or monthly net income of MYR1,300 / USD 428 ? If so, how?

Starting next month, except for mortgage loan, I will try to survive on my monthly budget of MYR 1,300 or less. Like they said, spend less than you earn and live within your means. This sure going to be a fun experiment.

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