Upgrade from Ubuntu 12.10 to Ubuntu 13.04

Latest release of Ubuntu Raring Ringtail was released few days ago. I always eager to upgrade to the latest greatest stable release since we can get better drivers support or bug fixes of the latest Linux kernel 3.8. Upgrade process was painless but it still took me almost 12 hours to download and upgrade all installed packages. As usual, some post-installation adjustment are needed.

Our local .my mirrors are just pathetically dog slow compare to our neighbouring countries (.sg and .id). Change the repository mirror by
System Settings
-> Software & Updates
-> Ubuntu Software
-> Download from
-> Others
-> Select Best Server

Unity launcher. Sigh. Still as useless as ever. Why can't we move the bloody panel to the bottom of the screen? Yes I know there are justifiable reasons but seriously? Stick to my favourite lightweight panel, Plank.

Privacy. Remove Amazon search results
System Settings
-> Privacy
-> Search results
-> Include online search result (Off)

Or remove this feature totally.
$ sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

Disable activity logging.
System Settings
-> Privacy
-> Search results
-> Record Activity (Off)

While this machine (Thinkpad E420) was certified for Ubuntu, I still occasionally suffered from random freeze during bootup and shutdown ended up with reboot issue. Everything was perfectly fine with this release.

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