Notes on Total Daily Waking Steps in May 2013

Some notes on my total daily #walking steps in May 2013.

1. Maximum counted steps in that month, 17185 steps. But still cannot match my April best, which is around 23000+ steps.

2. The lowest in the month, 3525 steps. Can't remember why I didn't walk much that day. Maybe I was busy rushing for weekly software release or I was not feeling well.

3. Best week, 9th till 16th with a total of 7 days. Average more than 10000 per day. Sadly I can't keep the momentum going.

4. Dropped my #pedometer and damaged the LED display, the display text was barely readable. The pedometer survived washing machine twice but not an accidentally drop. Disappointed and demotivated. On 23rd, tried with another backup cheapo pedometer which was highly inaccurate. Gave up.

5. Same as 4. At the end of the month, start keeping track again as I bought myself another pedometer which is cheaper with similar features to my Omron. I will write about this in another post at another time.

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