Solving IT Turnovers Crisis

"On the first minute of the first day, an employee’s value is effectively zero. As that employee becomes acquainted with his new environment and begins to apply his skills and past experiences, his value quickly grows. This growth continues exponentially while the employee masters the business domain and shares his ideas with coworkers and management.
However, once an employee shares all of his external knowledge, learns all that there is to know about the business, and applies all of his past experiences, the growth stops. That employee, in that particular job, has become all that he can be. He has reached the value apex."
-- Alex Papadimoulis, emphasis added
One of the best thing re-read this year (the articles was written in 2008). The older and more experience your are, while still doing roughly the same thing, the faster for you to reach the value apex. Rather than waiting for the company to grow with you, work it out and bring changes to yourself. Be helpful and find new ways to be useful, assist your colleagues regardless the differences. Try learn a few new skills or hobbies. Move ahead. Start small and start something.

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