Borrowing Money While Saving is Absurd

"First in any investment strategy it is far better to pay off any debt first. Borrowing money while saving is absurd because the interest you incur on your debt is always higher than the interest you receive on savings. And borrowing while playing the stock market is even worse. Given the recent new of most people's debt, I suspect reducing debt should be most peoples concern. This includes things like checking if your mortgage agreement allows you to pay off more than the minimum to finish the mortgage early."_
-- polymatter, emphasis added
His comment echo my sentiments exactly. Unless you have extra spare money, is pointless to put your money in any investment that yield lower return than your debt, especially your mortgage debt.

The only doable approach is to change your lifestyle and live like a student regardless how much you earn. Still working towards a minimalist lifestyle and get rid of any unnecessary stuff. Is time to continue back taking my home inventory of my possessions. Not fun realize that you've became a hoarder.

Hopefully I can complete all this in coming September.

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