How many calories do you need to burn daily to lose weight ?

Short answer for me : 1554.16

Step 1. Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the calories you would burn just by lying on the bed all day. For my case, my BMR is 1711.8.

Step 2. Based on your BMR, determine the total daily energy need using Harris Benedict Equation based on your lifestyle. Unfortunately my current lifestyle is quite sedentary even with a Pedometer. Hence, the calculation as follows:

Calorie = BMR x 1.375
              = 1711.8 x 1.2
              = 2054.16

Step 3. To lose weight, for a start, just reduce your daily calorie by 500. Hence, total daily calories intake should be around 1554.16.

Off course, counting calories is cumbersome and demotivating as well. But is nice to have a baseline figure and you will slowly pay attention to the calorie count of any packages food.

Maybe I should just start with Keto (low carbs, moderate protein, and enough right fat) diet instead as I current weight is not moving anywhere.

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