Clarify Thoughts Through Writing

"Once you begin to find a mode of writing that strikes you as interesting, you can begin to almost go out looking for things to write ABOUT, and that leads to very very very interesting discoveries about people, yourself, your friends, human characteristics/ behaviors, and the world in general.
Writing can be a gateway to understanding the world better, and if done correctly, the world may understand you better."
-- naregian, fellow redditor, emphasis added
Also, a way to clarify your thoughts and express your self. Especially on conveying your thoughts or feelings in #writing . Still struggling with word choices due to my limited vocabulary. But the gap is gradually shorten (slowly but surely) since I started writing few months back.

Current approach is trying to develop a daily habit of writing of 100 words (which I still fail to do so). I am going for consistency in quantity and not quality. For writing style, use simple English with short sentences and a mentality of of writing to inform rather than to impress.

I am wondering, by next year, what will happen to me if I manage to make writing my daily habit?

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