"A few points to note though: Tech people there are smart, educated, and very, very hard working. However the number one thing they all value is "efficiency", or rather: "the efficiency of getting things done". I've talked to people from Tencent, and one guy laughed at American companies approach of writing good, scalable, maintainable but very often over-engineered code. Over at Tencent they very often do whatever it takes to be first to market, and if needed to be, refactor everything 6 months down the road, and rinse wash repeat. It's the only approach that works for them in a hugely competitive market (also the largest one in the world). Company management wouldn't tolerate coding practices that very often serves no purpose other than to stroke the ego of senior software architects."
-- Cookingboy, emphasis added
When you're in a fast-growing competitive market with lots of talents and cheap labour, getting done fast is always preferable over get it done right. Given the options of fast, good, and cheap, and you can pick only two, everyone will go for fast and cheap.  Profitability always triumph over quality.

On a side note, Tencent, the mentioned company, is famously known  for the popular instant messenger QQ in mainland China.

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