Total Steps Walked Between 01/08/13 and 10/08/13

Start to increase my daily walking steps in August as I don't feels any pains on my right heel. Anytime I feels any discomfort or pain, I will immediately stop walking.

1. 13110 steps. Highest until now. It has been a while since I last hit 13k. Most are from window shopping with family trying to find a XXXL-size jacket. Something I learned the whole day, when comes to jacket, no differences in pricing between a branded and non-branded.

2. 1349 steps. Was down with recurrence of old sickness (not related to walking), barely can move at all. I've learned my lesson last month. Rest to the fullest if you ever over strain yourself in previous day.

3. 10353 steps. Another day that hit the 10k threshold. Felt good but I think I need to replace my beloved New Balance Minimus Zero with something similar but with more cushion.

Interesting month indeed. Hope to slowly build up my strength before I really start to run. 

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