Total Steps Walked on Week 31 2013

For this coming August, I need to increase my total daily walking steps compare to July. Instead of hitting 10k steps in one session, break it down into more smaller sessions and do it in different interval. Once I hit a 10k daily goal, take a break the next following. You do not need to walk 10k everyday. You body still need time to recover from all the wears and tears. Let's see how it goes. Looking forwards to August.

1. Lowest steps walked in the whole month, about 1535 steps. Was not feeling well and can't get a good sleep either. Due to injury, I've become less motivated and persistent (become more lazy) in walking more steps. This is worsen by starting to include more fast food to my daily diet as well.

2. Need to attend several events, hence a lot of walking here and there. My right feet didn't feel that weird anymore which was a good sign that I was slowly recovered from Plantar Fasciitis.

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