Learning Plan

Via HN. Overwhelmed rather irrelevant. So many new programming languages to catch up and learn. Between Scala, Clojure, Node.js, Go, and Rust, is either node.js or Go for me.

Why these two ? Node.js because I was never into Javascript (too gimmicky and non-essential) and Node Packaged Modules (NPM). Image the fun exploring new unknown packages every day? For Go. Simple. Every programmer should at least master one system level static type language in their programming career.

Or maybe something different? Instead of #learning another programming language, why not focus on the fundamental like algorithm? Enrolled in few online courses but never quite find the time to finish. The lack of self-control, depleting willpower, and diminished motivation issue. I will talk about this in future post.

Going to make a hard decision in coming week, better start planning my learning plan for the remaining of 2013.

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