Create a .deb Package from Source Code

Due to the Subversion PPA still stuck at version 1.7.9. In order to use Subversion client version 1.8.3, I need to upgrade by source code compilation. As I mentioned before, I really don't like this installation method. Fortunately, I've found this tool called checkinstall, which let you create a software packages (deb or rpm compatible) so you can remove it later.

We will illustrate by compile and install the latest version of SQLite, a lightweight database management system.

1. First, download the latest SQLite source code. We're using the autoconf version. Later, extract the tarball.
$ wget
$ tar zxvf sqlite-autoconf-3080002.tar.gz

2. After that, we need to install all the necessary software or libraries in order to compile it. apt-get has a wonderful option call build-dep which will install all these dependencies so you can build the software.
$ sudo apt-get build-dep sqlite3

3. Go into the source code folder and generate the Makefile.
$ cd sqlite-autoconf-3080002
$ ./configure

4. Before we compile the source code, let's install the checkinstall package.
$ sudo apt-get install checkinstall

5. Compile the source code and create a .deb package. Make sure you pass -j option [5] to   to speed up the compilation time. Rules of thumb is twice the number of your CPU cores. For my case, my lappy has 4 CPU cores using the nproc command. Hence, we should use -j8 option.
$ make -j8 && sudo checkinstall

6. Please take note that checkinstall will create a package and install it immediately. Buy you can remove it.
$ sudo dpkg -r sqlite-autoconf

7. Check the content the the deb package file. It will show you a list of files to be installed.
$ dpkg --contents sqlite-autoconf_3080002-1_amd64.deb

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