Endless PHP Internal Drama

Via HN. Sigh. Endless drama in the PHP  internals. I applaud their efforts (both Anthony and Nikita) to bring more useful and typical programming languages features like generators, function autoloading, and password hashing. to PHP. However, the language itself is slowly morph from a simple procedural web template language into a poor imitation of Java with none of its benefits. The hacked solution of namespace separator. More inconsistency and complexity. Yes, some may argue is a Bikeshed [8] issue and you can choose not to use it. But seriously, backslah (\) ?

The language itself feels like a ship sailing aimlessly in the sea and go where ever the sea wind direct it. Both Rasmus together with Zend should step in and be the Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDFL) instead of letting the community votes decides. Sometimes, unfortunately, decisions are made by those who made the most noise.

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