GNU/Linux Performance Analysis Tools

Where one slide (#16) says a thousand words. An overview of all the tools available in GNU/Linux for performance analysis by Brendan Gregg of Joyent, cloud infrastructure company.

Out of all the mentioned tools in the diagram, never try or heard of these four. Installation are done in Ubuntu 13.04.

1. perf, GNU/Linux profiling with performance counters.
$ sudo apt-get install linux-tools-3.8.0-30
$ sudo perf top

2. blktrace, kernel layer block I/O tracing.
$ sudo apt-get install blktrace
$ sudo blktrace -d /dev/sda -o - | blkparse -i -

3. slabtop, display kernel slab (amount of cache) information.
$ sudo apt-get install procps
$ sudo slabtop -o -s c | less

4. nicstat, network monitoring tool.
$ wget
$ tar zxvf nicstat-1.92.tar.gz
$ cd nicstat-src-1.92
$ mv Makefile.Linux Makefile
$ sudo apt-get install gcc

Edit the Makefile and change below line from 32 to 64
CFLAGS =        $(COPT) -m64

$ make
$ ./ 1

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