"I really wanted to learn AngularJS since the day it was introduced, but I never had the time. I always envied other developers using it and I just kept bookmarking new AngularJS resources and articles. But then I thought maybe I should define a weekend project and do it with AngularJS, so I can learn it."
-- Sallar Kaboli, emphasis added.
HN reader, zerr also wrote something similar about the lack of time in keeping with your learning and pursuing your own weekend projects. Is going to be harder if you are getting older, have family with kids, or all sort of stupid, annoying, out of your control distraction over the  weekend.

The only time I can do something useful at home is after midnight where everything has quiet down. Is where you find solitude to read, to learn, and to think. Thus, helping you to spark your creativity and self-development.

Unfortunately, being a night owl is slowly taking a toll of my body especially you don't have sufficient sleep the next day. Lack of quality rest going to wreck your body somehow, slowly but surely. The symptoms are all there.

I didn't realize how stupid not to have a good rest until yesterday morning. Tried to upgrade the Subversion server at 4am and sent someone to KLIA at 5am. At the same time, tried my very best not to accidentally hit any of those "Mat Rempit" doing superman stunt along the Maju Expressway. As a biker, if you can, avoid Maju Expresway. I have saw three damaged bikes long the journey. Same goes to MRR2. These two driveways are way too dangerous for biker.

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