Replacing MySQL with MongoDB ?!

Within this month, four persons have told about migrating to MongoDB from MySQL. When asked why they need to migrate ? Only one person justified it correctly. They need to store a lot of schemaless documents while the other three just use it for the sake of using it. In other words, chasing fads.

Disclaimer time. I have installed and tried MongoDB locally but never use it thoroughly in any live production system. Hence, I have limited experience using it.

But after reading all these comments, it does make you wonder about the the stability of the system. Judging by their heavy marketing push which reminded me of MySQL when they first started out. It seems MongoDB is market ready but "almost" production ready. Instead of totally replacing your MySQL database. Why not look into HandlerSocket, a NoSQL plugin for MySQL.

MongoDB has become the latest buzzword, especially around local .my tech scene. Web scale FTW !

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