Thirty Days, Thirty Watches

Fellow Redditor, clockspot took his watch inventory by wearing different watch each day for thirty days in September. His collection is just simply amazing with a mixed of different famous brands. Some of my favourites are:

1. Hamilton Khaki Chrono 3828
Not a fan of black dial but gosh, this watch is just that effing elegant. Big numbers and long minute hand, especially the sharp pointy end.

2. Britix Triple-date
Symmetry. Everything I want in a watch are there. Both day of the week and month are there as well as long minute hand.

3. Swatch Chronograph "Sound" SCL102.
Not fan of Swatch but if I can found this first Swatch chronograph watch again, will buy it without a second thought. Interesting dial design, distinctive, and colourful.

4. Mondaine Evo Big Date
Most readable watch. A quick glance and you can tell the time precisely due to distinctive and great contrast.

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