Can you survive KL on RM10/day?

Someone posted this question in Reddit. Short answer, it depends, maybe is possible. But for me, not possible unless I eat instant noodle everyday, sacrifice lots of convenience, and discipline enough to be constantly aware and track my spending religiously.

Breakdown of the compulsory basic expenses of mine daily needs. Note the scenario excludes all other expenses like rental, entertainment, mobile phone, and others.

1. Transportation from and to workplace
Being a avid bike rider, my weekly petrol consumption is around RM12. That is like RM48 per month. Mind you, my bike is around 14-plus years old, hence fuel efficiency is not that great. In short, it will costs me around RM1.6 per day.

2. Breakfast
A tin of Milo (a very common morning drink around here) and Hup Seng Cream Crackers. 2kg Milo is around RM36 and the cream cracker is around RM 12. Both items can feed you for a month which will cost around RM1.6 per day.

3. Lunch
My co-worker told me there is a mixed rice or economy rice stall which sell 3 dishes and one bowl of rice for a price of RM3.5.

4. Dinner
Normally, mixed rice again at my place or mamak stall. Average price is around RM5.

To sum up, the calculated daily spending is roughly RM11.7 which is, RM351 per month. Unfortunately, still RM1.7 more than the expected daily RM10.

Even so, is so hard to limit yourself to this daily figure of RM11.7. Is best to limit the amount to RM600 per month or RM20 per day. There are so many unexpected influences of better half, stress, boredom, and myriad other reasons.

Best way so far for me is always keep and track your spending. Use paper money and pay everything with cash. The moment you pay anything, jot it down in your little notebook. You will feel the pain when you're aware of paying something with cash. This was proven to be scientifically true.

At least that should be a good start for me to try again to live within a monthly budget of RM600 and continue my journey for a more minimalist lifestyle.

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