Don't Be a Sheep

"Most Americans, for example, are deep in unnecessary debt, overweight and poorly nourished, inactive and stressed out, and self-sentenced to a mandatory career of unsatisfying work just to stay afloat. We constantly buy things we can’t afford and don’t need, and the majority of the trading we do does not increase our net happiness. And all of this is done with virtually no awareness of how we are affecting our own ecosystem – the tiny veneer of air and plants that is the only thing between us and the lifeless vacuum of space. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a less efficient way to maximize “Utility” than what the modern consumer does."
-- Mr. Money Mustache, emphasis added
Not just America, but other part of the world as well. One way to reduce this insanity is to apply these age old golden rules of stop effing compare yourself to others, compare yourself to you from yesterday. Stop following the herd, the message the author tried to convey. To quote (emphasis by me):
" We design our entire lifestyles by looking around us to see what everyone else is doing. Most of us position ourselves in the middle of the herd, and start feeling deprived if we sense we are near the bottom. The problem arises when the herd is comprised mostly of sheep, responding blindly to their own irrational instincts. So as a society we have a tendency to automatically run ourselves straight off of the nearest cliff."
One thing I learned from the post is when buying something. Rather than comparing the relative prices of the item you want, check your intention with your needs and budget. Want that elegant watch? Ask yourself, do you need it and do you have the extra budget for it rather than wasting time looking for the best offer.

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