Is what I am doing actually important?

Via HN. Yes. If you're doing it only for the sake of making a living. If not, I doubt most of us are doing anything actually important. Define important. Something that creates values, improve people live, and you feels that you're doing the right thing. Something like what Mac Senour felt where the game he created let his cousin and her daughter spent more time together and his niece became an avid reader because of that. Certainly not what fellow HN reader, fit2rule experienced when the game he created actually made a 12 years old kid addicted to it in a bad way.

I once felt the same way few years back. Yes, indeed the software project was important and it did reduce corruption a bit. But in the end, I moved on. It turned out what I perceived to be important was not that actually important. My health and career took a toll (mostly myself to be blamed). If you kept doing the same thing over and over again, your technical progress will comes to a standstill. You will most likely hit a plateau. As what they said, if you're in a hole (comfort zone), stop digging, and crawl out. Hence, the best and only way is to move on. Pick your problem wisely as some problems are not worth solving or resolving again.

In short, do the right stuff, and do the actual important right stuff (I am still looking). But remember, never at the expense of your health and your family.

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