Still Doing Cat Picture Project ?!

"For everyone reading this: if you are tired of making websites and iPhone apps for people to share their cat photos, and want to do something more consequential, consider going into computational genomics. Although Sanger sequencing was/still is used sometimes, the "next-gen" sequencing methods that have become centrally important over the last decade generate massive amounts of data that require a lot of computational analysis, something that most scientists in the field could use assistance with."
-- w1ntermute, emphasis added
Interesting. Should look into this Computational genomics. Two years ago, I made a note to myself not to work on any cat picture project anymore. Yet, I still stuck doing something similar as well in corporate world. In other words, I have not been aggressive in exploring the domain of Bioinformatics and make the best use of my skill set (what ever left of it) to anything (non-political or religious) with social impact. (I know, sounds very cheesy).

Fellow HN reader, scottalpert asked a similar question few days ago on finding a software job that help society. Numerous great answers were given but sadly, mostly are oversea positions.

There will be a lot of self-reflection in coming months, especially we're at the end of the year. What will happen in coming 2014 ? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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