Daily Working Routine

As a person who want to best use of his time, I am always curious about other people productivity hacks. Semih Yagcioglu recently wrote about his daily working routine which is something everyone can learn a few tricks from. Notable activities from his working style.

1. Break your day into morning, afternoon, and night routine. If possible try to slot in 10 to 15 minutes of exercises. Unfortunately I lost my Pedometer (walking steps counter) and now currently saving money to buy Fibit Force.

2. Similarly, I also work in a Timeboxing way or to be specify, using Pomodoro technique. Unfortunately, I do not prioritize my tasks to my liking and occasionally need to "fire fighting", where you caught up in many unexpected, urgent, and sometimes, not important tasks.

His Inbox Zero proach make senses. Any tasks or emails should be acted upon by replying it, delete it, or just delegate it. The 1-3-5 Rule can be handy in setting your daily goals. The Bullet Journal approach its something new for list-maker like me.

3. ZenPen is also something that's new to me. A cleaner version compare to Writer, the online writing tool I currently use.

In short, be aware and keep tracking of your to-do list and make adjustment accordingly. Don't dwell on the technique, focus on your tasks. In coming 2014, going to get myself a smart phone to complement my current pen-and-paper approach, let's see how this goes.

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