Fuggit, just do it

"I'dropped out' of my life of making video games this summer, got rid of everything I own and set off on a journey across the US by bicycle. Every day I wake up in my tent and make a conscious decision to climb on the bike, with an awareness that something amazingly bad might happen, however something amazingly good might also happen. I so far have been fortunate for I have enjoyed lots of amazingly good moments, and have learned it is an acceptance of the prospect of very bad things that makes the trip more remarkable."
-- cmos, emphasis added
Share the same sentiment as well especially after I slipped on my motorcycle recently. We sometimes forget that we're not the exception and invisible. You should be always aware of the danger when riding a motorcycle.

Maybe in coming 2014 I should look into game or graphic development. Something that drew me into the field of development in my younger years. Is time to revisit the long lost love of mine.

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