Learning and Earning Equally?

"You're always on one side or another of the learn vs. earn. Given the nature of equity and corporations, always know that owners reap the rewards and workers are transacting their time for money. But unless where you work is a co-op where profits are evenly distributed, you'll never extract the full amount of value that you create for the company. Always know whether at that moment you're learning or earning. If you're learning, then it's worth it. If you're not, you better be earning (e.g. being a founder, being a share holder). Otherwise you're just wasting time. "
-- Lessons from 2^5 that I wish I knew at 2^4, Garry Tan, emphasis added
How can you juggle equally between earning and learning? That is something I realized the hard way in my career life as a code monkey. As you age, time without interruption is a limited precious resource. There are always constant interruption from every part of your life.

What kind of adjustment I need to make for me to increase both my learning and earning? Note that earning more does not means gaining more money, but to save more through less spending.

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