Relearning Photography

Stumbled upon this photo (see screenshot below) of children playing near the village of Baudrémont by Alex Webb which reminds me about my loves for photography a few years back. Similarly to Sam Abell, both photographers works are known for its serenity qualities. However, most Alex's compositions are aesthetically more complex and brilliant compare to Sam's simple and direct approach. A lot of planning, pre-composition, patience, and waiting to achieve any of his shots.

All these talks about photography reignite my interest in photography again. While some may argue that you should use the right camera for the right job. But, as I've learned all these years, always pick the camera that match your personality and your wallet. As I am currently striving to live a minimalist and healthy lifestyle, hence, no more burdensome DSLR system but instead, a plain old point-and-shot camera, with one extra battery. Additionally, this setup will also complement the journalling habit that I'm trying to cultivate. Expect more photography post in coming 2014.

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