On Finishing

As I was looking back my to-do list in 2013 and planning for 2014, James Greig’s personal experiences on never finish anything strikes a chord not only just me, but other HN readers as well. There are still quite a lot of projects or items in my bucket list that are still not started, partially done, or completed not to my satisfaction. On a positive note, although not to my liking, I glad I did start certain projects.

For regular HN reader like me, you will notice quite a number of new projects sprung up weekly in Show HN. Arjuna’s advice is to “let go of Internet Time”, an illusion where everything seems faster on the net. As Dewie observed, some projects may seems to be created over the weekend but in reality are taking years and the domain knowledge to create.

In year 2014, more risks will be taken and a lot of unknown territory to be explored. Don’t dwell on those unfinished project, refocus and reprioritize, or as agentultra suggested, “some ideas deserve to die”. Pay attention on those projects or people that are worth pursuing.

In the end, don’t worry about finishing, just start.

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