Happiness or Achievement?

"Another major change is simply life outlook. While I was never the totally reckless type, and never all that obsessed with money, today the money just isn't particularly important. I want enough to ensure security, and it'd be nice to have enough to just work on my own projects, but I don't particularly care if I get rich. That changes my assessment of any startups drastically - I'm no longer prepared to jump at an opportunity to get rich if it's not something I'm sufficiently excited by. I don't feel I'm in a hurry to prove anything. I have what I need, and then some. I'm far more secure in myself in every way than I was at 19. I'm not going to pretend like I wouldn't love to get that multi-million exit, but it's not something that matters to me now (I'm sure it'd matter to me if it happened, though)."
-- vidarh, emphasis added
Which reminds me of a discussion I have with someone regarding life goal difference between woman and man. The former desire happiness and the later seek achievement. And both gender still wish for more money, giving the opportunity. Maybe I'm just generalizing.

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