Upgrading to Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04

As usual, the recent release of Ubuntu 14.04 was a painstaking upgrading process for me again. My experience was similar to HN reader, etfb, where the upgrade crashed halfway causing conflicting and broken packages. I have to reboot to recovery mode and continued the installation forcefully by apt-get install -f. Luckily the data in my home directory was not corrupted and everything are still intact.

But that was the beginning of my dreadful recovery process. Since I've quite a lot of third parties PPA, especially GNOME 3 PPA. Both Gnome and Unity desktop refused to start up and let me log in. After some re-installation and config file removal, I managed to get my Gnome 3 session back. Don't even bother with Unity anymore since Gnome 3 plus the shell extensions solved most of my regular needs.

Kind of annoyed that I wasted the whole Saturday just to upgrade the distro. While some may say this is the price you'll have to pay if you fear of missing out (FOMO) of getting on the latest greatest. But, is advisable to get the latest updated version if you're using it on a laptop or any latest hardware. At least you can get more stable and faster drivers.

I like what wpietri said about different type of GNU/Linux users. A satisficers will accept the default settings where the maximizers will strive for the perfect setup. Those who use Ubuntu or Fedora are satisficers and maximizers will prefer ArchLinux or Gentoo. When you're young, extremely bored, and have plenty of time to kill, you will end up like the later group. As you age, time is limited and precious, you'll just want to get things to work and move on with something else with your life.

Looking at the bright side, painful as it may be, I've learned from sandGordon on how to setup a leaner Ubuntu installation. Furthermore, this release seems responsive on any laptop with Intel i3 processor compare my lappy unknown quad-core processor.

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