Development and Production Environment

Always match your development environment with the production environment, this is so true especially for Python development. While the Docker just reached 1.0, the preferable choice still is Vagrant. Will look into Docker once time permitted. Off course, having a quad-core machine with plenty of RAMs help a lot as well.

Which begs the question, if I'm going to buy a new machine that support visualization, which Xeon model of socket 1150 should I get so the total cost of the system is within the budget of MYR1.5k? Unless necessary, I don't believe in paying more than MYR2k for any electronic devices these days.

Upgrading system is always a tedious process. You've appreciate the effort done on the unit testing, it will give you some sort of assurance that everything work as it. Testing, is one area that I should focus on in coming years.

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