Note to self - 2014-06-07

Most chassis and CPU fans use either a three pins or four pins connector. Not for HP Proliant server, different and proprietary. Their fan connector has six bloody pins. To make matter worse, these fans, sounds like a bloody vacuum cleaner. Imagine sitting next to that machine with a dbA of 79! No, you can't unplug the fan, Power-on self-test (POST) will fail!

Next time be extra careful when you're looking for a battle station. Remember to check the motherboard carefully, especially the noise and parts. Most server board contains proprietary pins and it's not easy and cheap to source these replacement parts.

If I can't still find another way to resolve this noise issue, I'll need to start another fund to get another Xeon-based quad-core workstation. Why Xeon and not i7/i5 ? Well, is not a gamer gig and furthermore, is nice to have make -j N.
Always find a way to speed up your daily routine. Pick anything around you that can be automated. As someone who spent roughly 50/50 of his time between the console and a browser, it never occurs to me that you can google from command line.

Lots of Bash coding today. Not sure why, I'm kind of have a certain liking to Bash script. Today I learned about shell bultin, passing all arguments to a function using "[email protected]", and ``backtick and $(cmd) for command substitution. The latter is preferred because you can have nested commands.

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