Don't Work For The Wrong Reason

"As Bradbury suggests, we create work for ourselves when it isn't necessary, and we focus on the wrong reasons for working. Stop wasting time creating work for yourself because you want to feel productive, get away from being busy just to busy, and find something you you really enjoy working on. You need money to carry on in this world, no doubt, but don't let it be your only driving factor. You'll end up bored and hating every minute of your work."
-- Ray Bradbury, emphasis added
You don't feel busy or bored if you're doing something that excite you, and you're earning enough money to survive. However, the older you get, the more bitter, grumpier, and cynical you're and hardly anything excites you these days.

For the past two weeks, I've been listening to quite a few people pitching their ideas and visions. Some are like old wine new bottles, others are okish, and only a few are well-thought off and reasonable. Expect more pitching this coming month. 

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