Raspberry Pi 2 : Hardware

The next generation of Raspberry Pi 2 has been recently released and on sale for USD 35. Instead of sourcing it through local MY distributor (slow and expensive as well), I bought it directly from element 14 which costs me around MYR 118 with free shipping. Surprisingly, instead of posted delivery date in the website, they shipped the board to me directly the next available day after confirmed payment!

Why getting this Pi 2? Two main reasons. First, ARMv7 processor support where you can install any available ARM GNU/Linux distributions and Windows 10. Secondly, better hardware specification of 900Mhz quad-core ARM A7 CPU and 1Gb RAM, which surely will give me a better media experience compare to Pi 1.

Unfortunately, you will need to spend more money to set everything up. There is no available casing for Pi 2 yet and the I can't reuse back my original Pi 1 casing. But I can live with that. Also, I've misplaced my micro SD card and need to get a new one instead. Checking against the available and working SD cards, I ended up purchasing SanDisk 8GB MicroSD Memory Card [SDSDQM008GB35A] which cost me MYR 15. There are cheaper card but I opted to be safe and the card also came with an adapter.

Next, continue with Operating System installation.

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