grantpt failed: Read-only file system

Probably one of those weird bug that I've encountered. This happened quite a few times for the past weeks. When I tried to launch a container I've just created, LXC showed me below error message on failling to allocate a pty.
$ sudo lxc-start -n foobar -F
lxc-start: console.c: lxc_console_create: 580 Read-only file system - failed to allocate a pty
lxc-start: start.c: lxc_init: 442 failed to create console
lxc-start: start.c: __lxc_start: 1124 failed to initialize the container
lxc-start: lxc_start.c: main: 344 The container failed to start.
lxc-start: lxc_start.c: main: 348 Additional information can be obtained by setting the --logfile and --logpriority options.

PTY? Is an abbreviation for pseudoterminal, according to Wikipedia,
"is a pair of pseudo-devices, one of which, the slave, emulates a real text terminal device, the other of which, the master, provides the means by which a terminal emulator process controls the slave."
To debug this, I've tried to launch a new Tmux session, which seemed to fail to do so. Suspecting that my Tmux session somehow corrupted, I tried to open Gnome Terminal and obtained this error message "grantpt failed: Read-only file system" as shown below.

Google's search results did suggest a temporary quick solution, which seemed to solve the issue. But still, question remain, what causing /dev/pts having the wrong permissions?
$ sudo mount -o remount,gid=5,mode=620 /dev/pts


  1. Did you resolve this issue? I'm seeing it now:

    1. Sorry, I'm afraid I'm unable to verify that. I've moved to Ubuntu 15.04 from Fedora 22 as the LXC support is more stable and current. I've yet to encounter such issue in Ubuntu.