From Fedora 23 To Fedora 24 (Rawhide)

So I was there looking at my screen and realized Fedora 23 is too stable, or rather too boring. Hence, I've decided to upgrade to Rawhide, the upcoming Fedora 24, which is expected to be released by 17th May 2016. Let's see how this compare to my upgrade from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 (Rawhide), I hope there will be no major issues.

Configure your DNF for Rawhide.
$ sudo dnf upgrade dnf
$ sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core fedora-repos-rawhide
$ sudo dnf config-manager --set-disabled fedora updates updates-testing
$ sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled rawhide
$ sudo dnf clean -q dbcache plugins metadata

Upgrade your distro.
$ sudo dnf --releasever=rawhide --setopt=deltarpm=false distro-sync --nogpgcheck --allowerasing

It's always 'exciting" to use the rolling release where you can test out the latest greatest features. For Fedora 24, lots of features were planned but I'm eager to test out Wayland, the new display protocol which going to replace X. It seems some user already have good and stable enough experience using it in Fedora Rawhide. Can't wait to try it out on my T4210.

Upgrade was painfully slow. First, I've to downgrade certain packages like VLC from RPMFusion repository back to Fedora 22 version (see the last command of the above console output with --allowerasing option). Then, I've to download a total of 1860 packages. That alone took me around three-plus hours.

However, upgrade failed due to some conflict in Python 3.5. I just realized that I've upgraded my Python to 3.5 using Copr. And, to make matter worse, by default DNF did not cache downloaded packages! No choice but to redo everything again. In the end I wasted another three more hours.

First thing first. Let's enable caching for DNF. Next, temporary remove all those packages (wine-* and texlive-*) to reduce number of packages to download and remove Python 3.5 I've installed earlier from Cool Other Package Repor (COPR). Repeat the command to upgrade your distro again and reboot.
$ sudo echo 'keepcache=true' >> /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
$ sudo dnf remove wine* texlive-*
$ sudo dnf remove python35-python3*

Once you've successfully upgraded. Your system should have Gnome 3.19.2, Wayland 1.9.0, and Linux Kernel 4.4.0. Some interesting observations while testing Fedora 24.

Updates during booting
This happened twice and I need to reboot to complete the upgrade. If seemed that Systemd was instructed to handle the upgrade which totally new to me. I was under the impression during the upgrade, all the packages will be overwritten. See screenshot below.

Wayland is the default display server
Previously you've to manually switch to Wayland in the Gnome login shell (click your username and later select from the gear icon). Right now, is the reverse. If you want to use X (which you should as not all apps have been ported to Wayland yet), you've to select it manually, pick 'GNOME for X' from the menu.

Apps that fail to work
Shutter, the screenshot capture tool does not work. Suspect this is due to lack of support and the security model of Wayland as getting the content of other windows is not allow. Terminal, the default Gnome terminal emulator, under custom window size, will always shrink every time upon refocus. Dash to dock Gnome extension does not work either and has been disabled. Is best to check the all the Bugzilla's bug report on Wayland at Gnome or Red Hat. Wayland is getting there but still, you can always fallback to X11.

Natural scrolling in Touchpad
I'm not sure why this was set to default but it's fricking annoying. Basically, under natural scrolling, screen will move at the reverse direction of your fingers, similar to using a mobile phone or tablet. To differentiate between natural and non-natural scrolling is easy. For the former, focus on the moving the content, for the later, focus on moving the scrollbar.

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