This Week I Learned - 2016 Week 10

Last week post.

#1 Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes. Lessons learned from three container-management systems over a decade. Surprised to discovered that the recently released Kubernetes is not the latest container-management systems used internally at Google. Three people (two being non-technical) have brought up Kubernetes for the past two months. So it seems, the container fad have finally caught up in the local IT scene here.

#2 Modifiers. Add variety to in writing your sentences. May not be that suitable for technical writing. Should be fun to experiment different types of modifiers (resumptive, summative, or free) in exploring Writing Prompts.

#3 ShintarĊ Midorima, better long range basketball shooter than Stephen Curry? Which reminds me of this article I've read on The Steph Curry Fallacy. You can't just be another Stephen Curry without having the supporting environment and people to "nurture" your talent.

#4 SSHTron. Multiplayer Tron in your terminal. Not sure how they did it but it was technical fun and interesting.

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